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Control Checklist Template

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FIRECEK: A New Fire Extinguisher Control Checklist On A Smartphone

FIRECEK is a fire extinguisher control checking application that makes it easy for you to manage, monitor, and inspect your fire extinguishers. It’s time to switch to the FIRECEK application, the solution for checking fire extinguishers is easy, safe, and fast.

Template Charity Financial Control Checklist Template

You can analyze the use of fire extinguishers based on the level of refill, repair, or replacement of parts. From these data, you can find out the risk of fire in a location. Fire extinguisher data is detailed and safe in the application, including media for fire extinguishers, tube capacity, location of placement, expiration period, and many more.

Agenda for a routine inspection/checking schedule for fire extinguishers, refills, or repairs. It can be done alone or with the help of our fire engineer. The results of routine fire extinguishers are presented in detail and complete with recommendations for action if the damage is found.

Latest APAR Control Checklist

Now there is a cool APAR control checklist according to your time.

1.  The latest APAR checklist that does not make you doubtful

Doubt? Why should I doubt? With the latest FIRECEK APAR control checklist, you don’t need to hesitate, when the checking schedule has to be done when the fire extinguisher schedule has to be serviced or refilled.

Template Export Control Checklist Template

All schedules will be arranged so that you don’t need to think about when, when, and when, because what you do will be scheduled automatically by FIRECEK. The results of internal control standards inspection on routine fire extinguishers are presented in detail and complete with recommended actions if the damage is found.

Feel free to set an annual budget for charging fire extinguishers? That’s your past story. With FIRECEK, you will know how much to spend every year and calculate how much to prepare next year to service and refill your fire extinguisher.

2.  Latest APAR checklist that can be accessed by all your branches

Have branch offices in several cities in Indonesia or abroad though, now you can easily manage, monitor, and even control all your fire extinguishers. Because with FIRECEK, you can access the control checklist data of all branches as easily as snapping your fingers on a smartphone.

Time and place are not obstacles! You open FIRECEK on a smartphone to check all the data and the condition of the fire extinguisher. You can even monitor every fire incident that occurs and analyze what causes fires there. So you can provide solutions so that the case of light does not recur. FIRECEK’s latest APAR checklist is fresh, making life much more comfortable.  Template Internal Control Checklist Template For LibraryTemplate Internal Control Checklist Template For OrganizationTemplate Oral Health Infection Control Checklist TemplateTemplate Pest Control Checklist TemplateTemplate Sample Internal Control Checklist TemplateTemplate Traffic Control Checklist TemplateTemplate University Finance Audit Control Checklist Template

FIRECEK complete package for monitoring, inspection, and marking identification of fire extinguishers. APAR is no longer dirty because many stickers and fire extinguisher maintenance data are neatly stored in the application. Let me not be curious about FIRECEK; you can contact the FIRECEK team. Ask what is still for you to worry about the control checklist so that everything becomes brighter. Leave an old and impractical internal control checklist.

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