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Termination Checklist Template

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The Termination Checklist Supports The Directs To Serve The Termination To Their Employees

For some people, giving termination to others will be challenging to do. The completion serves the upset things for most people since the terminated individuals could not continue what they usually do in a particular area. If you are going to do it but don’t know where to start, the termination checklist can support you in serving the termination.

Template DOC Format of Employment Termination Checklist Template

What is A Termination Checklist?

If you are getting confused with the term termination checklist, you need to read this article carefully because it is talking about the list of termination. A termination checklist is to outline every need that should be done when there is an employee terminated. It allows the transition smoothly in a company after leaving.

Template Employee Termination Checklist DOC Format

The employee termination checklist template word will be the alternative to maintain the situation. It can lead you to a well-managed condition after the termination of the employee. The termination checklist can be about the careful steps of the termination process done by the company.

 1. The Components of The Termination Checklist

There are some considerations to be put on the checklist. They can be:

  • The resignation letter acceptance is one of the components of the list. There should be a section about it. It is to understand the reasons for the termination both due to the employee’s wish or the company’s will.
  • The section of informing the HRD manager about the termination is also essential in the checklist.
  • It is also important to spare the section about the IT department that it is about to inform this department to stop access to the terminated employee.
  • The section of the company property is one of the vital components of the checklist. This section allows you as the direct to check whether the property that is used by the terminated employee is returned.
  • You need to state the benefits of the terminated employee in your checklist. It is to ensure that the rights of the terminated individual are paid well.

When you send the terminated employee an email of this checklist, make sure that you send it in the form of a termination checklist PDFThis format of the file is considered as the professional one.

 2. The Types of Employee Termination

Before you go further in providing the checklist, you need to know the types of the termination of the employee that is as below.

  • There is a voluntary termination. It is when an employee decides to stop working in a company due to his/her willingness.
  • There is an involuntary termination that is when the initial action is from the employers.

There are various reasons why an employee is terminated. It can be due to their working performance or private causes of the employee that force them to leave the company.  Template Employee Termination Checklist DOC Format TemplateTemplate Exiting Checklist PDF FormatTemplate Hire and Termination Checklist DOC Format TemplateTemplate PDF Format of Employee Termination Checklist TemplateTemplate Sample Involuntary Termination Checklist DPC Format TemplateTemplate SampleTermination Meeting CheckList DOC Format TemplateTemplate Separation Termination Checklist DOC Format TemplateTemplate Termination Checklist PDF Format Template

The termination checklist supports the authorized people to manage the condition and situation due to employee termination. It can be an outline for them to do the activity after completion.

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