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Computer Security Checklist Template

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Computer Security Checklist: What Are The Types Of Computer Network Security Systems?

The security of a computer network is vital because to avoid various kinds of attacks both by hackers and crackers. Not only from hackers or crackers, but the offense can also come from the environment around us. Therefore for network administrators must be careful in choosing the type of security system that is used. Even they should know about how to keep your computer safe from hackers.

Template Basic Computer Security Checklist Example

You need to know that every computer that is connected to the network has a more significant security threat compared to machines that are not connected anywhere. But with a computer security checklist, this risk can be reduced. But usually, network security will conflict with network access. Because if network access becomes more manageable, then network security will be more vulnerable.

 Types of Computer Network On The Computer Security Checklist

Protecting computer security networks is a part of laptop security tips. It aims to avoid various threats and attacks from hackers or crackers

1.  Physical Security

The first type of computer network system security is physical security; this type of protection is more emphasized on hardware or hardware. It aims to protect the device so that it remains in prime condition so that it can be used to perform operations on the network.

2.  Network Security

This network security is more of an abstract type on the computer security checklist because this type of protection is carried out by invisible objects, whether using software or specific commands. An example of network security is using a proxy or firewall to filter users who want to use the network.

3.  Access Authorization

Types of system security Access Authorization is network security by using a password or password if we’re going to access something on a system. This is done so that administrators can ensure that only certain users can access a network.

4.  Virus Protection

The virus is one of the methods of attack on a computer system by using a program that can damage or make the system on a computer become chaotic and damaged. To overcome this virus attack, we can use or install anti-virus software on the computer and always update it with the latest database.

5.  Disaster Management

Disaster management is a step taken in the event of a natural disaster that results in damage and loss of essential data on a computer network system. This disaster planning aims to minimize the occurrence of damage to the system can be more quickly resolved. Even though this type of security is not certain to attack your computer, you need to include it in the computer security checklist to prevent things that are not desirable. Template Computer Security and Maintenance Checklist ExampleTemplate Computer Security Checklist TemplateTemplate Desktop Security Checklist TemplateTemplate Personal Computer Security Checklist in PDF

With the types of computer network security systems that exist in the computer security checklist, then if we want to build a computer network system, we can prepare what types of network security systems.

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