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Behavior Checklist Template

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Behavior Checklist Template As One Of The Psychological Observation Method Device

A behavior checklist template is an observation guideline that contains a list of behaviors to be observed. The observer only needs to indicate whether there is or not with a checkmark about aspects of observation. A checklist is some sentence statements related to the counselee’s behavior or some problems that the counselee might face. With this list, the counselee is expected to put a checkmark below the column that describes their suitability or not following themselves.

Template Addiction Behavior Checklist

The checklist method is one of the informal methods of observation where the observer has determined behavioral indicators that will be observed from the subject in one table. The checklist is a method of recording two ways, namely open and closed. This method has a high degree of selectivity because the observed behavior is very selective; it also has a high degree of inference because the observer only focuses on the specified behavioral categories.

Using Behavior Checklist Template For Your Psychological Observation

Checklists are used to classify and measure the frequency and duration of behavior during the observation period. They can also be used to observe material from a video recorder into data. The checklist usually contains the number of units of action or categories with clear descriptions for each group.

The behavior checklist template usually contains the number of units of behavior or categories with clear descriptions for each group. Furthermore, depending on the characteristics of the behavioral group and what the researcher knows, the observer can note the existence or absence of behavior (frequency) or duration of events (length) concerning the practice to be studied.

1.  How to start observations using a behavior checklist template

To start observations with this method, the observer must first determine the behavioral indicators obtained through sources in the form of books, journals, scientific articles, and other literature as a theoretical basis. After that, the observatory puts all the indicators together in one indicator table and adds a description table, along with the coding table next to it.

The description table functions as a place for recording specific child behavior. At the time of observation, the observer only gives a sign in the form of plus (+) which means the action appears, or minus (-) which means the behavior does not appear in the coding table every time the response listed in the indicator table appears from the subject. The reason for choosing this method is because it is easy and straightforward and can focus only on the desired behavior to occur.

2.  The advantage and weakness

The advantage of using a behavior checklist template is that it’s simple to do. In addition, the method of recording the description allows the observer to know the complete behavioral context. However, the weakness of this method is that this method consumes a little energy because, in addition to the observer, including the code in the table provided, the observer must also provide a description of his behavior. Template Behavior Checklist for ClassroomTemplate Behavior Checklist In DOCTemplate Behavior Observation ChecklistTemplate Employee Behavior ChecklistTemplate Preschool Behavior ChecklistTemplate Student Behavior Checklist Template

In observation, several methods such as using the behavior checklist template are needed, both in the implementation and recording of the observation data itself, so that the assessment objectives can be achieved.

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