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Backpacking Checklist Template

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Backpacking Checklist For Short Trips

Each person must have their way to spend or take advantage of their time off each. Traveling becomes a hobby as well as a way to spend leisure time or holidays for some people. The first thing that must be considered is the cost that must be prepared. But at this time, the cost to travel either long or not can be overcome. Backpacking is one way to go at a low price. In addition to saving backpacking costs, it also makes traveling more comfortable because it usually only carries one backpack. Before doing backpacking, of course, many things that must be prepared, to make it easier than you can make a backpacking checklist to make sure there are no items left behind.

Template Backpacking Essentials Checklist


Backpacking Checklist For Short Trips

Here are some items that need to be prepared in the backpacking checklist:

  1. Food

The amount and type of food that you must bring in a short trip must adjust how long you are gone. Try to bring food that can last more than one day. Snacks and dry meals are recommended if you are going to backpack. Besides food, you also have to bring cutlery. This stock of food so that the costs you prepare are not spent on food. Able to buy equipment or other items that you deliberately did not bring from your home.


  1. Clothes

The clothes you must prioritize are underwear. Dresses and pants are recommended not to be too much, given that you will make a short trip and only carry one bag. Other than that, the clothes that you have worn will also go into it. Do not forget to bring a pouch or small bag as a dividing place between dirty clothes and clean ones.


  1. Medicine

If you have a disease that can recur at any time, then you should put your medication on your backpacking checklist. This is done to anticipate if the place you are visiting is challenging to find a pharmacy or medicine that you use is challenging to obtain. In addition to personalized medicine, a variety of first aid kits also need to be prepared.


  1. The need for sleep

For sleep equipment, it depends on what kind of trip you will take. If you do backpacking like climbing, you need lots of stuff to rest. Some things you might need are a blanket, can also be a neck pillow. It is different if you travel and decide to stay at a guest house, which usually has complete sleeping equipment.


  1. Other equipment

Material that has not been entered into the above list, you can add in different categories. It usually contains the items you need in small quantities. Some of which are flashlights. A flashlight is essential to have in your bag if you are going to travel to a place far from the city, such as climbing and others. Power bank to increase the power of your smartphone because you will not always be in an area that is available at a socket. Other items, such as plastic or waterproof bags. Template Backpacking Gear ChecklistTemplate Checklist for Backpacking HuntingTemplate Summer Backpacking Gear ChecklistTemplate Survival Backpack Equipment ChecklistTemplate Weekend Backpacking Checklist

Everyone’s needs may be different. Some of the explanations above are the types of items commonly carried by backpackers. Double-check your backpacking checklist to make sure you have checked everything.

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