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We aim to publish an international affairs journal of the highest quality for academics, policy makers, and professionals who are interested in the world's most pressing issues.

Volume 17

The Editorial Board of the Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs is excited to announce the theme of the Journal's 17th edition, "Stalemates".

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The Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals who have provided support over the past year, including faculty advisor Dr. Erik Jones, Director Kenneth Keller, the Bologna Center student government, debate participants Ashley Elliot and Jeffrey Phillips, translator Filippo Chiesa, and the contributors to the annual fundraising auction.


2008 Journal Staff


Emily Harter*

Managing Editor

Christina Sohn*

Executive Editor

Mike Casey

Copy Editor

Jill O’Donnell*

Finance Director

Will Herter

Public Relations

Dara Iserson

Layout Editor

Rajiv D’Cruz

Web Editor

Ryker Labbee

Event Planners

Natasha Adams
Nazanin Berarpour
Brittany Williams




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