How to Compose Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers

How to Compose Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers

When you are quitting a job, sometimes you need to write thank you resignation letter to coworkers. There are a lot of people who have been growing closer to you throughout the time and years you spent in the office. This is the letter to help telling them that you are sad to leave and you are thankful for them. The letter example is surely going to help.

71 Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers

How Do You Say Thank You To Coworkers When Leaving A Job?

A letter like this will be a great way to say thank you. If you can say it directly to the person, it will be even better. Most people even have a party or get-together one last time before leaving the job.

How Do You Thank Someone for Resigning?

It is rare to see someone so thankful because other person is leaving the job. However, if it happens, you can just disguise the feeling and say good luck instead.

How Do You Write A Goodbye Email For Leaving A Job?

As we know, email is essentially a letter. It is done electronically, though. Use the same structure and content as explained on the example.

How Do You Write A Goodbye Letter To A Coworker?

You need to include several things when writing this kind of letter, including:

A statement of gratitude

The reason behind the resignation

The last day at work information

Sample of Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers

For those looking for the example of thank you resignation letter to coworkers, it can be found here.

February 20, 2020


Thomas More

Richard Electronic

Tale 6 St,

Kingside, TG, 2798


Dear Thomas,

I am writing to you this letter to inform you that I have resigned from my position as senior electrician in Richard Electronic. I have to say that this is a hard thing to say goodbye to you as you are one of the best co-workers and working partners I have ever had.

It has been a delightful year working with you and I believe that you have a very bright future ahead. I have to leave the position as my wife is transferred back to Canada and I have no other choice but to relocate with her. I will be leaving the office by February 28.

With this letter, I’d like to express my biggest gratitude to you because you have done a lot for me and for the company in general. I wish that we remain in contact as you already know how to reach me. I’ll probably have to change my phone number once I reside in Canada but I’ll let you know immediately.

Best Regard,

Marcus Linus


A letter is a good way to say goodbye to the coworkers, and announce your resignation. However, if you have the chance to tell them in person, simply do it. The example of thank you resignation letter to coworkers above is only needed when you have no time in meeting them in person. It has the right structure and content, though.





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