Second Interview Letter Format, Tips, and Sample to Guide You on Writing One

Second Interview Letter Format, Tips, and Sample to Guide You on Writing One

Sending a thank-you email or letter after performing second interview is always a good idea. It may be difficult to compose sometimes, especially with the fact that you’ve said nearly everything needs to be said in the first letter. In this case, try to read the tips of writing second interview letter thank-you message below.

19 Second Interview Letter

What Does It Mean to Be Invited for A Second Interview?

Congratulations that you are invited for the second round of interview! It generally means that you are approaching the final phase of hiring process along with several other candidates. This interview may bring different procedure depending on the company. You may be interviewed by:

The hiring manager on the first interview for the second time

The potential future team member

The upper-rank or executive employees

Regardless of whom you are going to interact with, it’s essential to make the best impression during the whole process.

Do You Write A Thank You Note After A Second Interview?

Most job applicants will send a thank you message for the interviewer after attending the second interview, even if it’s addressed to the same person as the first one. This letter provides an opportunity to restate the applicant’s interest for the positions, their relevant skills and qualifications, and their gratitude for the opportunity.

How Do I Write A Second Interview Letter?

Below are the important things to include inside the letter or message:

Refer the reasons why you are the best possible candidate for the position

Restate your interest upon the position

Provides further information about yourself professionally

Kindly request for an update of the job candidate hiring process

How Many Candidates Are Invited for A Second Interview?

Chance is, you are included in the list of best contenders for the position if you are invited for second interview. There are typically only several candidates that reached out to attend this meeting and to reveal the higher expectation.

Sample of Thank-You Notes for Second Interview

In the following is one example of thank you message for second interview letter:


Dear Mr. Davis,

I thank you for the time and opportunity for second round of interview. I really appreciate the interest of my candidature of the managing director in your company.

As it has been discussed, I have the proper qualifications and skills that require by your company, in which it currently needs strong leadership, expertise in the managing area, and ability to provide relevant guidance.

It is with great interest that I have to learn more about the company’s vision. I am really excited to have the opportunity, if I am allowed to bring my contribution to help the company reach its goals.

I’m looking forward for news and updates from you. Thank you for the attention and consideration.


Robert Miller


This second interview letter to express your gratitude can be served as self-marketing tool. Whether you send it to physical mailing address or through email, make sure not to send it more than 24 hours later. It should also be written in formal business standard without unnecessary misspellings or grammar mistakes.



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