Retirement Letter to Employer Sample and Writing Tips

Retirement Letter to Employer Sample and Writing Tips

Saying goodbye is not always easy. More often than not, it is hard to do. Moreover, if the person you are saying goodbye to is precious to you. In case of retirement, writing a retirement letter to employer is not compulsory, but it is much appreciated to write one.

67 Retirement Letter to Employer

How Do I Tell My Boss I’m Retiring?

Tell your boss in-person first before writing a letter. Tell him/her about your plan and discuss any important things to handle.

When Should I Notify My Employer of Retirement?

It is best to keep sticking with your office’s guideline. But if there aren’t any rules setting when to notify, then it’s safe to say it a month before your retirement date. Well, earlier is better.

How Do You Write a Retirement Letter to Your Employer?

  • Make sure to give ample time to notify, but not too much
  • Express your gratitude for the chance of working
  • Share some personal message (if any)
  • Offer your help during the transition.’

How Do I Retire Gracefully from Work?

  • Stick to the rules
  • Notify your employer and write retirement letter to employerearly
  • It is also advised to plan for succession
  • Manage to finish all tasks before retiring

Retirement Letter to Employer Sample

Dear Mrs. Robinson,

Along with this letter, I intend to inform you about my retirement. After a long consideration, I made up my mind to retire after three decades of service. I plan my retirement to be effective per January 26, 2021.

My decision to retire was not easy to make. I still remember that as an intern, I was not a person with good personality, let alone having a highly-appreciated work ethics. I was easily distracted by unimportant things and overwhelmed by difficult tasks and projects given to me.

As a senior, you encouraged and pushed me to do better each day. Even to this date, I can still quote what you mentioned to me when I was crying over a totally ruined plan: ‘never quit what you have started first’. Thanks to your long-term coaching, I changed gradually and found myself turned into someone I would never imagine before. For that, I could not thank you enough.

I realize that I am leaving my position on the busiest time in the year. Unfortunately, I have to quit soon since my physician said so due to my deteriorating health. My physician told me that I have to focus on my recovery and taking myself off completely from work.

For such condition, I believe you have prepared smart solution already. However, I would like to talk about the personnel in-charge as my replacement personally with you, since I have several names I want you to consider. These names, in my opinion, have similar competence and I believe they can be my successors.

During this transitional phase, I will finish all undone/on-going tasks. If there is something I can help, please do not hesitate to call me at 773-81234-1211 or by email: Thank you for giving me the chance to work with a great company like TripleA Inc. and I wish you and the company success for all the future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,


Naia Allison

Human Resources Manager

TripleA Inc.


The sample above is an easy way to write a retirement letter to employer. Although it can be considered as a personal letter, it is still important to keep the professional tone. You should have kept the letter proper and free from errors.


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