Professor Recommendation Letter and Mandatory Information You Should Know

Professor Recommendation Letter and Mandatory Information You Should Know

Writing professor recommendation letter is very important for both parties. You need to know how to write one properly. Take a look at the example below.

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What Should a Professor Write in a Recommendation Letter?

There are quite a lot of things that a professor should write in the letter. The letter is highly important and will be very useful to get some jobs out there. This is the reason why professors should really write a good letter of recommendation as someone’s fate may get depended on it. The mandatory parts of the letter are including:

  • The achievement of the student/colleague over the years
  • The personal point of view of the professor toward the student/colleague
  • The reason why the professor recommends the student/colleague
  • The suggestion for future employer about what to expect toward the student/colleague

How Do You Write a Letter of Recommendation for a College Professor?

If you are student asking for the professor recommendation letter, you should ask for it politely by approaching the professor in person.

Do Professors Write Bad Letters of Recommendation?

It is very unlikely for a professor to pen down a bad recommendation letter. If they dislike the student, they will not want to write the letter in the first place.

How Do You Ask a Professor for a Letter of Recommendation Via Email?

In this case, all you have to do is asking the professor politely and inform them to send the recommendation letter via email.

Sample of Professor Recommendation Letter

This is one of the samples of recommendation letter from a professor. Use this sample to make a proper letter if you need to write something about a student/colleague.


May 1, 2020

Dr. Roger Harisson

Hudson Lab

Rashville 7 St,

Nickelson, TH, 29810


Dr. Harrison,

My name is Professor Huang from Berg University. I am writing you this letter to recommend one of my students, Ms. Catherine Stone. Ms. Stone is one of my best students and she is currently hoping to get to the internship program in Hudson Lab.

As per today, Ms. Stone is a student in Berg University with chemistry as her major. Ms. Stone is finishing her Bachelor’s degree program and about to graduate later this year.  I am fully aware of Brookeback Lab reputation in the industry and I want to recommend Ms. Stone to work there as it will enhance her future career by taking the internship program there.

Ms. Stone has the current GPA of 3.4. She has the ability of speaking in two different languages (English and Spanish) that it may help communicating with clients and partners. She has no problems working in teams and she is excellent in operating computers and standard computing software.

If you are agree that Ms. Stone’s qualifications seem to be a match for the intern position at the Hudson Lab, Ms. Stone will be happy to get contacted soon and get into an interview.


Thank you



Eric Huang, Ph.D


By writing a proper professor recommendation letter, everyone can be happy. The professor gets a good reputation and the student can get the dream job easily.



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