Writing a Physician Retirement Letter Easily

Writing a Physician Retirement Letter Easily

Even physicians will face this phase in their life: retirement. If they have been working years as a family physician, it can be saddening that retirement will force patients to find a new physician. To give them a notice, physician retirement letter should be written long enough before the doc retires.

135 Physician Retirement Letter

What is a Physician Retirement Letter?

Just as its name implies, it’s a letter to inform the patients that their doc is retiring. It’s an opportunity to notify them to find a replacement; and to thank them for the trust given.

Do Physicians Write a Letter of Resignation When They Retire?

Well, that can be considered as the last thing to do. It’s more to the personal needs, so in order to inform and thank them, why don’t they just write one or two words?

What is The Content of a Physician Retirement Letter?

The letter should include:

  • Retirement date
  • Suggestion about future medical care (finding a new physician, etc.)
  • Expression of gratitude for the long term trust given

When Should You Announce Your Retirement?

Just like any positions, it’s save to announce your retirement around three weeks prior to the retirement date. It can be earlier, but don’t make it too far. Six to three weeks before the retirement date is just fine.

Physician Retirement Letter Sample

If you don’t know how to write a physician retirement letter, please read this letter in order to have an insight how to write one.


Respected patients of MMC Clinic,

Along with this letter, I intend to tell you about my retirement plan which is effective starting from January 2, 2021. It has been a great decision of mine to accompany your families as physician, and having up and down moments together as years passing on. It is a bit saddening to inform you this, knowing that I will no longer be your go-to person when it comes to health problems.

As part of MMC Clinic, I highly recommend our physicians to be the person you refer to take care of your family’s health. Our clinic is staffed with prominent personnel well-known regionally; and I assure you that they will be great replacement after I retire.

However, please do not hesitate if you want to select a new family doctor outside our clinic. Our staff will make sure to assist you along the transfer process, making it less tricky for you. In case of this matter, I highly encourage you to find a new physician as soon as possible.

In addition, please do not be worried about your medical records since the clinic will keep it filed and remain confidential. Unless you sign the authorization form to take further actions with it, we will not share or do anything with it.

It had been my greatest pleasure to own the chance to meet and be your health care provider. I apologize have there been mistakes during years of my service. I whole-heartedly appreciate the long-term trust, loyalty, and friendship you have been sharing with me. I wish you all the best in many years to come, and of course, good health to accompany.



Andy N. Moore, M.D.

MMC Clinic


This is how to write a physician retirement letter. It is a bit different to other retirement letter, as it is written directly towards the patients, not for a company that hires the physician. Although it is supposed to be more personal, the professional tone is still needed to write this letter.




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