What to Know Before Writing a Paternity Leave Letter

What to Know Before Writing a Paternity Leave Letter

Nowadays, expectant fathers are allowed to taking time off from work in order to care for a newborn baby. It’s a new policy and only few organizations and companies implement this regulation. Thus, it’s important for an expectant father to write to his boss a paternity leave letter before the date of the request to make his application clear. Therefore, he has the best opportunity to spend time with his family.

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Can I Take Paternity Leave After the Baby is born?

An expectant father is not eligible to begin paternity leave before the baby is born. Although you have given a paternity leave letter to your employer and the baby isn’t born yet, you still have an obligation to continue your work and your leave will be starting the day after your baby is born.

How Should I Tell My Employer About Paternity Leave?

Paternity leave is a new policy and some companies haven’t implemented such a regulation. Therefore, before writing a leave letter, it is best to talk with the employer and learn about the company policies regarding fathers taking time off.

How Can I Apply for Paternity Leave?

As mentioned above, each expectant father who plans to take paternity leave should notify the boss in writing which include the specific dates at least four weeks prior to departure. When you apply for a leave letter, a medical record from the doctor specifying the date your baby is due must also be included.

How Do I Write a Paternity Leave Letter?

Here is what you need to include in a leave letter:

  • Include the name of your partner and mention that she gave birth or she will give birth to your child
  • State the specific dates you will start your paternity leave
  • Mention how long you will absent
  • Let your boss know how your paternity leave will affect the office operations
  • Include your contact information

The Sample of a Paternity Leave Letter

Dear Mr. Thompson,

As you may already know, my partner and I are delighted to expect our first child in September. I am sending this letter to apply for a 4-week paternity leave to look after my family from September 22, 2017 to October 18, 2017.

I will try my best to complete all the tasks assigned to me and the remaining unfinished projects by September 22. I will do my utmost to compensate for the time that I was missing once I return to work at the end of my leave. Should there be any additional clarification in this matter, please do not hesitate to reach me by phone and email during my paternity leave.

I would like to ask you that you could accept my application at the earliest opportunity so that I can complete and sign all the required documents and forms with the Department of Human Resources.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Lukas Williams

A paternity leave letter should be concise, professional, and above all, straightforward.



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