Q&A of Resignation and How to Write a No Notice Resignation Letter

Q&A of Resignation and How to Write a No Notice Resignation Letter

A two-week notice before resigning from a job is a normal rule owned by many companies. Therefore, people who are planning to resign from their job, they are advised to write a notice and hand it in at least two weeks prior to their resignation date. Otherwise, they will have to write a short or no notice resignation letter.

97 No Notice Resignation Letter

Can You Quit and Not Give Notice?

For many employees in the US, it is safe to say, “Yes, you can.” However, it is not a wise decision to write no notice at all. The standard is to write a two-week resignation notice under a normal condition. But if things go out of normal, it is OK to write a notice less than two weeks before your resign.

Can I Resign Effective Immediately?

Yes, you can. This is why a no notice resignation letter is written. This letter is written if you are accepting another job offer, have any medical impromptu needs, or got into some problems with the workplace.

Can I Leave Politely without Writing a Notice?

Well, it depends to your workplace rule. It is recommended to talk with your employer first regarding this matter, and tell him that you want to leave the company immediately because you have a certain condition.

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation Immediately?

  • State that you are resigning.
  • Tell your reason. You can go with the details or not.
  • Express your regret to leave the company this quick
  • Show your gratitude for the working chance given
  • Provide contact information.

No Notice Resignation Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Adams,

Along with this letter, I intend to inform you that, with all regret, I will no longer continue to work in Phillips Electronics, Ltd. This letter also serves as my immediate resignation letter which may seem to defy the rules. The reason behind my prompt resignation is because of my progressing cancer; and my physician advised me not to work any longer.

I sincerely regret for giving the company much inconvenience, given that this is the busiest month for our company. As part of my responsibility, I already gave this immediate resignation news to the team under my supervision. Mr. Reynhard from my team will be bringing my belongings from my desk. I also had appointed him to be my replacement to continue the current project.

It is to my understanding that Mr. Reynhard has already known what to do to handle the project. He is a great colleague to work with and his work ethic is what I really admire. I believe that he will conduct the project he is assigned to in a good manner.

It is unfortunate that I have to leave the team this quick. I will miss the team terribly and the conducive and fun working environment. If you have any question regarding my resignation, please let me know. I can be contacted by phone at (412) 123-456-6543 or email at josephburke@businessmail.com.

Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Burke


To elaborate, writing a no notice resignation letter is similar to writing a resignation letter. Keep in mind it is best to write a two-week notice before you resign and not to just leave without any notice. Make your notice, even when you are forced to leave promptly which requires you to give an immediate resignation letter.





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