Internship Letter of Interest Explanations and Example

Internship Letter of Interest Explanations and Example

An internship letter of interest is used by those who want to express their desire to join an internship program to a company or institution. These are some of the most important things you need to know about the letter, including what to write to the big companies as well as the example of the letter. The full information is explained below.


What is Internship Letter of Interest?

This type of letter is usually used to particularly ask for a request to join the internship program. This letter is normally sent directly from an applicant to the company’s board of director or human resources department.

How Do You Write a Letter of Interest for an Internship?

Most of the big institutions in the world are the stars of internship program. A lot of students want to get in their internship program. To make sure the letter is well-written; follow the requirements of a proper internship letter of interest below.

  • Using clear and concise language
  • Properly explaining your skills and ability
  • Including your soft skill in the letter
  • Intellectual achievements and accomplishments are added in the letter

What should be Included in a Letter of Interest?

Some of the mandatory things to get included in the internship letter of interest are your current CV, contact number, educational history, and as stated before, there should be soft skill, intellectual achievements and accomplishments as well.

How Do You Ask for an Internship?

To ask for an internship, you need to make inquiries via email or phone the company. Then, send the letter. Make sure you address the letter to the head of the company, or to the head of human resources department. Moreover, the letter should also be completed by your current CV and other required documents.

The Internship Letter of Interest Example

This is one of the examples of the letter that can use:


June 2, 2020


Daniel Lewis

Director, Human Resources

Brookeback Lab

568 Haven Rd,

Pasadena, CA, 62819


Dear Mr. Lewis,

I am writing apply for the internship program by the Brookeback Lab listed in the Johansson University Career Services. I believe I have the proper ability and research interest as needed by the internship program and thus making me an ideal candidate for the position.

I have assistant and training programs over the years and they were all related to lab and research. I worked as intern in Kline Lab before and I have fair experience in working in teams, handling lab-related job and many more. This is the reason why it is safe to say that I have the proper skills and abilities to take the internship at Brookeback Lab.

I believe that I would be an asset for your program and I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you for your consideration,


Hannah Hofstader

Those are some of the explanations and the example of internship letter of interest. You can use it whenever you need to write a proper letter asking for internship for a company.




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