The Samples of Graceful Resignation Letter You Should Have

The Samples of Graceful Resignation Letter You Should Have

When you have decided to quit from the job, you need to write a graceful resignation letter. This is one of the best ways to inform your bosses that you quit the job gracefully, and there is no hard feeling between you and anyone in your work place that causes you to quit. More information about the letter is available below.

145 Graceful Resignation Letter

What is Graceful Resignation Letter?

The latter is a kind of resignation announcement sent to the human resources department or the supervisor of the employee. It announces that the employee is quitting the job for a sensible reason and that they do not do it forcefully.

How Do You Write a Graceful Resignation Letter?

The key to write the letter is not to trash-talking anyone in there. You need to make sure that the bosses understand that the decision to quit is nothing related to something unpleasant. You have to explain that you do love working in the company but for some reasons, you have to quit.

What Should a Resignation Letter Say?

The letter should say several explanations, including:

Why you are quitting the job

When will your last day at work be

How Do I Write a Letter of Sincere Resignation?

The letter must be penned down carefully. It should have the points of explanation to give an insight to the bosses that you do love doing your job in the company but there is no way to carry on as you have your basic reason to quit, like moving to other state or to take care of someone in your family.

Sample of Graceful Resignation Letter

If you have never written a graceful resignation letter, this example below may give you a hand:

June 2, 2020


Yannis Paxx

Human Resources Department

Kellen Clothing

James 6 St,

Towsend, MN, 2910


Dear Mr. Paxx,

This letter is to inform you that I have made the decision to resign from my job as computer engineer at Kellen Clothing. This is a very hard decision to make but I have to gracefully resign from the company due to a personal reason.

I have no one forcing me to quit and I am truly happy of working here. I just have a situation where I have to move out of state with my entire family. It is then impossible to continue working for this beloved company.

I will make sure that every job assigned to me will be done and processed before I leave the job. The last day at work will be June 30, 2020 and I promise that I will have the paperwork and everything done by the time.


Thank you and regard,

Casper Johnson

A lot of people think quitting a job must be related to something unpleasant, like being bullied or having agonizing relationship with the co-workers. However, if you do not experience them at all, and it is purely your decision to resign gracefully, you have to use the example of the graceful resignation letter to announce your resignation.


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