Recommending a Business Consultant with Business Consultant Recommendation Letter

Recommending a Business Consultant with Business Consultant Recommendation Letter

Dealing with business ‘catastrophe’ isn’t everyone’s expertise. It needs years of experience and proper knowledge to detect what is wrong from a system. That’s why there is such job as business consultant. If you have already worked with one and want to recommend him/her to someone else, you can write a business consultant recommendation letter.

99 Business Consultant Recommendation Letter

What is a Business Consultant Recommendation Letter?

This is a letter written to recommend a business consultant to someone. This letter is written with a hope that the letter’s receiver will be able to refer to the consultant when they feel the need to get a consultation.

What Should You Do to Recommend a Business Consultant?

If you think a business consultant’s work is outstanding and someone you know is looking for the same service, then you can tell the person directly. Such thing will be called as a verbal recommendation. However, you can also write a letter to formally give someone a consultant recommendation.

Is Written References Better?

Nothing is better than the other. However, you can write the business consultant recommendation letter if you want to recommend the consultant in a formal way.

How Do You Write a Business Letter of Recommendation?

  • Write your name and contact details.
  • Introduce the consultant you are recommending.
  • Give your reason why this business consultant is worth to refer.

Keep in mind that a written recommendation letter will be a formal one, typed, and written in a serious and professional tone.

Business Consultant Recommendation Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Erdogan,

Along with this letter, I would like to recommend an outstanding business consultant. A.R. James has recently finished a consulting job here, and their suggestions really saved our company from a crisis. With his expertise from years of experience, A.R. James educated and trained our staff about the changes he suggested (which we agree with).

Not only he is adaptive to the dynamic state of our economic situation, his ideas to tackle hardships are smart and strategic. We can say only the genius and experienced people will be able to get such wisdom while facing a problem like ours.

A.R. James coached and conveyed the strategies to our staff patiently. As a result, we got new insights and this leads us to an improvement from each and every staff. He has done a thorough evaluation and made changes in most job duties. Hence, an effective and efficient work flow in our office has improved greatly.

Briefly said, A.R. James is capable to make a great improvement in our company, even to an extent that saves us from an internal crisis. His every step of fixing our business has its own rationalization, making us aware why we should do this and that. Therefore, it helps us understand what needs to be fixed and how to accomplish our goals.

It is not exaggerating that I believe A.R. James will be able to make a positive impact on your business as well. Therefore, I recommend your company to acknowledge him, and probably have him as your business consultant.

Please feel free to contact me once you have anything to discuss related to A.R. James. You can reach me at (711) 266-914-310 or via email at

Sincerely yours,

Morgan X. Addison


Writing a business consultant recommendation letter may not be something you usually do. However, if you have to write it once, you need to make sure to write the reason why you are recommending this person to someone, for example your business partner.


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