How Should You Write an Authorization Letter?

How Should You Write an Authorization Letter?

There are times you cannot handle an important matter on your own. If such condition happens to you, then oftentimes people will write an authorization letter. It is to show that you appoint someone to act on your behalf regarding the matter in question. However, how to write that kind of letter? Have no worry, this article will show you how to write an authorization letter.

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How Do I Write an Authorization Letter?

The format of most authorization letter will include the date when you write the letter, name of the person who writes it, the letter’s receiver, and the detailed identity of the person who receives the authorization to act on your behalf.

Next, the letter should also include your reason for giving the person such authorization. Lastly, state for how long the authorization letter is valid.

Can Authorization Letter Be Handwritten?

Unfortunately, it can’t. A letter of authorization must be typed and not handwritten. Why so? It is because there is a chance of un-readability if the letter is handwritten. In addition, handwritten letter of authorization may not be written by the will of the first party. You know, handwritten letter can be done by everybody.

Does Authorization Letter Need to be notarized?

Although there are such letters notarized, for authorization letter to be valid it does not necessarily require you to notarize it. Usually, it should be notarized if the authorization letter deals with something in legal or financial scope – which may danger the first party have there been frauds or such.

Tips for Writing Authorization Letter

Since this letter is used to grant someone trusted the responsibility of legal, medical, business, or personal aspects, it is important to know the background of the one you are granting the responsibility.

While writing such letter, it is important to limit the validity of the letter itself.

You ought to use formal language and read back to dismiss any ambiguity in your letter.

If needed, get someone to verify and to give suggestions.

Make sure that the authorized person’s name fits well with his/her legal name (matching with the name in ID card) because oftentimes they are asked to show their ID card while acting on your behalf.

Lastly, stick to a legal language. This letter – despite its short length – is supposed to be serious and formal. Therefore, the letter should be written with your utmost concentration.

Authorization Letter Sample

Jane F. Allison

190 Pineapple St.

New York City, NY 28890

November 28, 2020


Mr. Flynn Cumberbatch

New Yorkers Bank

90 Maple Ave.

New York City, NY 28450


Dear Mr. Cumberbatch,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I authorize Ms. Anne Hathaway, my personal account manager, with ID number #9901-0929-1271-1843, to act on my behalf to handle my own account #719002903 during my business trip for two months; within the dates of December 1, 2019 to January 30, 2021. This letter is valid only within the dates mentioned.

Have there been any inquiries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone. Thank you for your and Ms. Hathaway’s assistance in this concern.


Jane F. Allison

Phone: 891-010-2903


That is a sample of an authorization letter. As mentioned earlier, an authorization letter can be used for many purposes, one of them being as shown above. It is a type of formal letter, and due to its urgency, make sure to write the names properly. Check back before you decide to sign the letter because oftentimes authorization letter is needed to handle an important concern.



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