How Should I Write an Apology Letter to Employer?

How Should I Write an Apology Letter to Employer?

Everyone does mistakes, and you do it too. An apology is often to be done verbally, but in the professional world, it is found more as a written expression. Therefore, you will need to write an apology letter to employer had you made mistakes during your work, although your boss seems not to care about it. It is a righteous act you can do to show that you are guilty for the mistake.

98 Apology Letter to Employer

How Do You Apologize Professionally?

To ask for apology to your employer, first you can express it verbally. Following that, make it formal way. Therefore, you need to write a letter for it containing your apology.

How Do I Write an Apology Letter to My Employer?

To write an apology letter to employer, here are some tips you can apply:

  • Make your letter simple and short.
  • Show that you feel guilty for the mistakes
  • Let your employer know that you are ready to take responsibilities to make up for the problem
  • Be optimistic to perform better in the future.

Can I Send an Apology Email instead of a Letter?

Writing a letter is much recommended than expressing your apology through an email. Unless you are working remotely, then it is advised to write a letter instead of sending an email.

When Should I Give My Apology Letter?

Although it may be difficult and takes you an awkward moment, it is pivotal to immediately apologize verbally. When you take time to write a letter, make sure that you do it shortly after the verbal apology – don’t procrastinate!

Apology Letter to Employer Sample

Dear Mrs. Gray,

I would like to apologize for my previous faulty actions, which resulted in our store losing one of our routine customers. I know that my action showed much disrespect – not only to our customers, but also to your restaurant and you, in particular.

I admit that it was such a lack of professionalism which is highly unwanted from each employee at Black Pearl Fine Dining Restaurant. It may put our restaurant at risk, and may result in more routine customers we are losing if words of mouth have spread about this matter.

I know that I could not change my actions in the past. But, with all conscience I understand that what I did was wrong. I plan to compensate it as an addition to apologizing to you. In addition, I also want to convey my sincere apology to Mrs. Jeannette for my faulty act. I am planning to work hard to fix the mistake I did.

I really love my position here at Black Pearl Fine Dining Restaurant. I hope my employment will not be affected by my actions. I believe that I am still able to do my responsibilities in the restaurant and helping the restaurant to get more success in the future. I will not conduct such disrespectful action anymore in the future, and I will try my best to show the utmost performance expected of me.



Kimberly A. Addison

Sous Chef

Black Pearl Fine Dining Restaurant


That is how to write an apology letter to employer. There are two main points in writing this letter: first, you need to show your regret in doing the thing you are apologizing for; and second, show that you will try to do your best to compensate for the things you have done. For example, promising that you will work with your best performance.



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