Apology Letter to Customer Format and Sample

Apology Letter to Customer Format and Sample

Mistakes do happen. Regardless of how well coordinated your team is, some inconvenience incidents may still occur to a customers. In this case, writing an apology letter to customer is a must thing to do in order to mend and maintain a partnership.

78 Apology Letter to Customer

How Do You Apologize in Professional Way?

When you happen to make a mistake and make your client dissatisfied with your work, you must feel a bit reluctant to admit your mistake. This is why people often make a half-hearted apology letter that will leave people frustrated. To help you compose a great apology letter to customer, here are the elements you should keep in mind:

  • Provide a detailed explanation of the issue and acknowledge the damage
  • Clearly state that you will take responsibility and that you are sorry for the inconvenience
  • Always ask for forgiveness and promise the client that the issue will never happen again
  • Offer a restitution

How Do You Write an Apology Letter to a Client?

Apologizing is difficult and this makes many people aren’t capable of writing a sincere apology letter when they happen to make a mistake. When you are in this position, keep in mind that you should be proactive. Send a letter to your client by clearly stating that you are sorry and provide a statement that you will take actions to mend the issue.

How to Apologize to a Client for a Mistake?

When you send an apology letter as a reply to your customer’s complaint letter, here are what you should write:

  • You can start the reply letter by addressing the client name, expressing gratitude for reaching you out
  • Admit that you or your company were wrong and that you are still working on the issue and ask the client to help you understand the issue further

How to Compose an Apology Letter for Bad Customer Service?

If your client sends you a complaint letter or verbally state that they are dissatisfied with your service, you can still mend the situation by writing an apology letter that includes important elements as below:

  • Say that you are sorry for the bad customer service
  • Convince the customer that it’s a non-repetitive mishap
  • Give an explanation as to why the incident occurred and avoid any excuse
  • Offer some compensation
  • End the apology letter on a formal and positive tone

The Sample of an Apology Letter to Customer

Dear Ms. Whitemore,

I would like to apologize that you received defective products in your last order from our shop. Thank you for immediately reaching us out. We have sent you the replacement product in the mail on February 23rd. If you have not received the package in the following, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

We really appreciate your business and always want to guarantee the best products available to our customers. After receiving your letter regarding your defective china, we double-check our packaging process to make sure that the product is still intact. We always choose the best logistic services for fragile items, but breakage does occur irregularly.

We are genuinely sorry that it happened to you, but I hope you will appreciate your new substitute product after it has arrived. Please let us know if we can do anything else.

Thank you,

Mira Wilson

When you compose an apology letter to customer, avoid using phrases that make the letter sounds pushy, like “Please accept our apology.” You simply need to let your customers decide how to respond.


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