Therapy Termination Letter Details that You Need to Know before Writing

Therapy Termination Letter Details that You Need to Know before Writing

A therapy termination letter is often sent by therapy center or by professional therapist to terminate the membership of someone. There are many reasons behind this, but the most common one is missed appointments that happen too often. This is the example of the letter you need to use for further reference. Find out some items of information as well below.

95 Therapy Termination Letter

How Do You Write A Termination Letter For A Therapist?

If you are the one firing the therapist, then you have to explain the clear reason behind the termination. Also, make sure that you have been paying the fee before getting rid of the therapist.

How Do You Terminate A Therapy Client?

This letter is how you terminate the client. The letter will certainly help you stating the truth. The letter should contain:

  • The effective date of the termination
  • The reason for terminating the patient
  • The contact person of the therapy center

How Do You Tell A Therapy Client You Are Leaving?

If you are a therapist and you are leaving them, you should help them to get a replacement first. This is important thing to do so that they won’t be left unattended after you leave.

What Is Abandonment In Therapy?

Abandonment is when the therapist is leaving the client at a sudden. However, it can be all the way around as well. The client can be the one disappear from the appointment. It happens all the time and there should be reasons for this.

Sample of Therapy Termination Letter

You do not need to worry about writing the therapy termination letter as the example is written here. This is the example that you need to follow.

July 30, 2020


Karen Park

Wing 6 St,

Simon Town, KL, 2761


Dear Mrs. Park,

I am writing this letter on behalf of “Child Care Therapy Center”. I’d like to inform you that the membership of speech therapy for your son, James Randall Park, has been revoked. This decision is based on the fact that you and your son never showed up for five appointments in a row.

Besides of that, you have never answered calls and reply texts that we sent you. If you are no longer interested in our speech therapy program, you can easily contact the customer service of the therapy center and they will take care of any cancellations.

However, you have never said a word so we did not have any clue as to continue the therapy or not. The decision is going to take effect soon and your son is no longer considered as a member of the therapy center.

If you have any question, please contact me at this address.


Marina Stone


If you really have to use the letter to inform others that they are terminated from the therapy program, then go ahead. However, if you can speak to them directly, using phone or video call, you should do it first. Even so, this therapy termination letter example is still going to help you writing a good letter.


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