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How to Write Professional Power of Attorney Resignation Letter

The responsibility of power of attorney is counted in front of legal law, so if you are no longer able or desire to perform the duties, you should make decision to resign as soon as possible. In order to make formal notification, write and send professional power of attorney resignation letter that can legally protect you.

117 Power of Attorney Resignation Letter

How Do You Write A Power of Attorney Letter of Resignation?

Below is how you can craft a letter to resign as power of attorney:

Draft the resignation letter with formal wordings and format

Bring the letter to public notary

Create the copies of letter

Send the original letter to your principal with request of receipt certification

Keep a copy for yourself and store it safely

How Do I Remove Myself from Power of Attorney?

It is as simple as submitting for resignation letter. The letter should be sent to the principal, anyone who dealt with you as power of attorney previously, and alternate agent, if there’s any.

What happens if you don’t want to be power of attorney?

The resignation process should proceed smoothly if you follow the proper procedure. You should tell the principal that you don’t wish to serve them anymore. You might be obligated to follow the specific procedure that stated within the document of power of attorney, but in general, given written notice should be sufficient.

Is A Handwritten Letter of Resignation Acceptable?

The best way to write resignation letter is actually by handwriting it, especially for position as prominent as power of attorney. Some even consider resignation via email or fax won’t be counted as there’s no handwritten signature. So, it’s better if you send the power of attorney resignation letter to a physical mailing address.

Notice of Resignation Power of Attorney Sample

Read below a sample of resignation letter from power of attorney that represents the whole estate:


Dear Mr. Anderson

Please accept this letter as formal notice upon my resignation as power of attorney position, which I’ve held for the last five years for Anderson Estates. Firstly, I want to apologize if this decision of mine caused you any inconvenience.

It is not a decision that I make easily. However, as I’ve offered opportunity to move overseas, I should make it because I’d no longer be able to give attention to your account. I will move to England by the end of January to spend more time with my parents and allow my children to meet them.

I have submitted the resignation in reasonable time of notice to find my replacement. I will help you on the process to find compatible agent to take my position while still continuing my responsibilities and duties.

Please reach me right away if you have any concerns or questions.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Owens


In order to create the best impression, it’s better to keep the letter no longer than a single page. You may follow the formal business format of power of attorney resignation letter above while adjusting it to match with your circumstances.




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