The Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs is published by SAIS Europe, and is a publication of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Our Mission

We aim to publish an international affairs journal of the highest quality for academics, policy makers, and professionals who are interested in the world's most pressing issues.

Volume 17

The Editorial Board of the Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs is excited to announce the theme of the Journal's 17th edition, "Stalemates".

Previous editions of the Journal may be viewed here.


Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs

The Johns Hopkins Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs is a student-run academic journal published annually in May. Founded in 1997, the Journal has featured some of the most important names in the professional and academic world, as well as PhD and Masters candidates from top institutions around the globe. The Journal provides discerning readers a source for up-to-date views on issues related to international relations, politics, economics, and finance.

The diversity and quality of our contributors is a testament to the comprehensive world view evolving at SAIS Europe. As an American institution located on European soil, SAIS Europe hosts students from 50 nations. More than 6,000 graduates of the Center now work in 100 countries around the world.  We our proud to publish cutting-edge scholarship from all corners of the globe.  

The Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs invites all those with a passion and  commitment to intellectual rigor to submit their essays. We are confident that if you browse past issues, you will be eager to join Zbigniew Brzezinski, Francis Fukuyama, David Calleo, and others leaders that have published in our journal.